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The International Society of Cosmetogynecology has recently collaborated with progressive malpractice insurance brokers to assist prospective cosmetic surgeons throughout the United States obtain coverage for surgical procedures.

Liability insurance for aesthetic surgical procedures performed by surgical specialists originally trained outside the fields of plastic surgery, otolaryngology and oculoplastic surgery is becoming progressively easier due to the increasing familiarity of insurers with the multidisciplinary nature of the discipline of Cosmetic Surgery.

Insurers measure risk when determining what to procedures are to be covered and the price of such coverage. The traditional metrics of cosmetic surgical risk are heavily weighted by the practice patterns of traditional cosmetic surgical providers. Breast augmentation and liposuction, for instance, are assumed to be performed under general anesthesia with all of its attendant risk unless otherwise specified. The safety of local anesthesia over general anesthesia is well known to most cosmetic surgeons. However, its utility as a stand-alone anesthetic for the latter procedures is not and physicians seeking coverage for these surgeries under safer types of anesthesia are obliged to point this out. This is one of many examples of the many differences in practice styles between traditional versus office-based cosmetic surgeons.

Similarly, the adequacy of myriad non-traditional postgraduate training formats in cosmetic surgical procedures is difficult for insurers to assess. Insurers who familiarize themselves with the quality of specific training programs are better able to meet the needs of cosmetic surgeons because they are better able to assess the risk of providing coverage.

Prospective ISCG trainees and recent course graduates with malpractice coverage concerns will gain access to cutting-edge malpractice solutions to assist in the development of their practice. Furthermore, the ISCG is continuously working with its insurance partners to expand the range of insurance products available to its members and to their patients.


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