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They created the specialty

The ISCG was founded by world-class gynecologic surgeons expert in minimally invasive surgery and in cosmetic surgery. They established the successful fusion of female therapeutic surgery & female cosmetic surgery through an exhaustive evaluation of the most effective, most reproducible and safest surgical techniques from the fields of pelvic reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery and dermatology. Respected and highly-regarded as innovative surgeons and teachers by the world’s largest and most influential surgical societies and colleagues before they created the ISCG, the founders have credentials and experience unmatched by any teachers of cosmetic surgery and a long track record of developing efficient surgical solutions for surgeons at all levels of ability and training. Most importantly, ISCG faculty stand alone in their academic presence at major surgical society meetings throughout the world establishing meaningful and increasing value and opportunities for their trainees and expanding the political power base for cosmetic gynecologic surgeons.

They know how you were trained

The founders of the ISCG all began their careers through standard gynecologic training programs. They understand firsthand, the strengths, weakness and variations of this training worldwide from having worked with, lectured to, demonstrated to, and scrubbed with hundreds of surgeons in-training, recently-graduated, and seasoned veterans at all skill levels. They truly understand the nuances of the postgraduate training process.

They know how you practice

The ISCG faculty maintain full private practices and are up-to-the-moment in all issues regarding the business of medicine – specifically the integration of a cosmetic practice into an established medical practice. They attend and participate in medical conferences year round meeting physicians from all over the world and discussing their needs and concerns firsthand. Having worked with hundreds of physicians, they understand firsthand the core elements for success, the pitfalls to avoid, the most effective strategies for expansion and the crucial issues in credentialing, malpractice coverage and accreditation vital to long-lasting success.

They know how to teach you

The founders of the ISCG have trained more gynecologists in cosmetic surgical procedures than anyone anywhere. They are regarded as the best presenters of advanced pelvic surgery by the largest gynecologic surgical societies in the world. In fact, after winning the AAGL’s Golden Laparoscope Award (their top honor) an unprecedented four times, they agreed not to compete for the award again to allow others an opportunity to win. They have focused their formidable presentation talents and resources to create comprehensive teaching programs that deliver the essentials in crystal-clear formats and leave no questions unanswered. Years of interaction with trainees and their concerns have produced a learning experience for which there is no equal.

They know how to support you

The support of trainees through ongoing training programs, refresher training, networking and access to professional resources is one of the main objectives of the ISCG. To this end, trainees become ISCG members for life at no charge – a benefit that exists in no other cosmetic society. Beyond education, the ISCG works to facilitate malpractice coverage and nursing training for its members and their staff.

Your education is their only objective

The International Society of Cosmetogynecology is engaged only in the business of delivering professional education. Continuing medical education (CME) accreditation of ISCG programs is through medical societies with a rigorous & permanent review process for maintaining objective, unbiased standards of all course content. It is wholly physician-owned and operated. The ISCG is not a vendor of medical or surgical equipment. Unlike medical vendor-run educational programs, training is not tied to the purchase of equipment nor is it held in an environment flooded by salespeople nor are trainees exposed to a single brand of equipment or products. ISCG courses will teach you how to perform procedures independent of any specific product or tool. ISCG faculty will teach you how to further your basic education, master procedures and effectively engage in continuing medical education for the rest of your career.

Learn from the best

The ISCG has pioneered and perfected postgraduate workshop training programs. The training is proven and has been the foundation of a successful cosmetic surgical practice for hundreds of participants. Master surgeons from all fields of cosmetic surgery including plastic surgery who have participated and observed ISCG courses have been impressed with the quality of the training and the surgical techniques. We invite you to check the academic credentials of the ISCG founders and understand why there is no comparison.


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