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One-on-One live demonstration and hands-on training with CoolLipo or Smartlipo


- Introduction to office laser liposuction by local Anesthesia.

- Introduction of the CoolLipo and Smartlipo laser lipolysis system.

- Tumescent anesthesia technique.

- Surgical principles and safety of office based liposuction procedures.

- Combination procedures using laser lipolysis and other cosmetic technique.

- Patient selection.

- Pre-op preparation and postoperative care.

- Live surgery workshop, standard liposuction and lipolysis technique (neck, face,
  arms, legs, ankles, high definition 6-pack, abdomen, back, flanks, hips) 

- How to manage and market laser liposuction.

- Rewards of a cosmetic surgery practice.

- Post training support and education.

- Recommended affiliations.

- Malpractice and medico-legal issues.


- Enhance knowledge of current liposuction techniques.

- Become familiar with office tumescent laser lipolysis by local anesthesia.

- Become familiar with instrumentation required to perform laser liposuction.

- Become adept at office laser liposuction techniques and instrumentation by
  participating in the workshop.

- Extend knowledge of potential liposuction complications, their prevention, and

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